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Classification And Uses Of Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnets are divided into two categories

The first category is: alloy permanent magnet materials, including rare earth permanent magnet materials (neodymium iron boron Nd2Fe14B), samarium cobalt (SmCo), aluminum nickel cobalt (AlNiCo)

The second category is: Ferrite permanent magnet materials (Ferrite)

According to the different production processes, it is divided into: sintered ferrite, bonded ferrite, and injection-molded ferrite. These three processes are divided into isotropic and anisotropic magnets according to the orientation of the magnetic crystal.

These are the main permanent magnet materials on the market, and some are eliminated due to production process or cost reasons, which cannot be used in a wide range, such as Cu-Ni-Fe (copper-nickel-iron), Fe-Co-Mo (iron, cobalt, and molybdenum) , Fe-Co-V (iron cobalt vanadium), MnBi (manganese bismuth)

Let's take a look at the uses of permanent magnets in the following part.

Uses of permanent magnet

There are many uses of permanent magnets, including televisions, speakers, audio speakers, radios, purse buckles, data cable magnetic rings, computer hard drives, mobile phone vibrators, and so on. Permanent magnets such as speakers use the principle of energized coils to move in a magnetic field to produce sound. The permanent magnet on the horn uses the magnetic field generated by the current in the coil to change the relative position of the coil and the magnet when the current in the coil changes, driving the paper cone on the horn to vibrate, pushing the air and spreading this vibration, thus human ears hear the sound. In short, permanent magnets are ubiquitous in people's lives, and it facilitates our production and life.

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