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What are the Advantages of Al-Ni-Co Permanent Magnets?

The Al-Ni-Co permanent magnet is an alloy of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, and other trace metals. The composition of Al-Ni-Co permanent magnetic metal is different, the magnetic properties are different, and the USES are different.

There are two production processes for Al-Ni-Co permanent magnets: casting and sintering. The casting process can produce Al-Ni-Co permanent magnets in different sizes and shapes, with high strength, strong corrosion resistance and good temperature stability. The maximum working temperature can reach above 600℃. Compared with casting process, sintered Al-Ni-Co permanent magnet is limited to small size. The blank size tolerance produced by the sintered Al-Ni-Co permanent magnet is better than that of the cast product, the magnetic property is slightly lower than that of the cast product, but the machinability is better. The minimum reversible temperature coefficient of cast Al-Ni-Co permanent magnets is found in permanent magnetic materials. Ningbo Beilun Meank Al-Ni-Co permanent magnet products are widely used in various instruments and other application fields. Its advantages lie in:

1. High-frequency induction smelting technology;

2. High-standard finishing technology, the minimum tolerance can be ±0.01mm;

3. Thermally controlled directional columnar crystal ingot casting technology;

4. Automatic heat treatment equipment to ensure the consistency of magnetic properties;

5. Physical and chemical laboratory studies the relationship between the properties of Al-Ni-Co permanent magnets and their components, and develops new magnets based on new scientific research achievements;

6. Beilun Meank has a high-quality Al-Ni-Co permanent magnet management system.

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