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The Future of Neodymium Cube Magnet Motors

Neodymium cube magnets may be small, but they could be the future of neodymium cube magnets electric motors. These magnets were discovered in 1982 through a collaborative effort between General Motors, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Smitomo Special Metals, who were looking for a convenient way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of motors. NdFeB magnets were developed as a response to expensive samarium-cobalt magnets. Currently, due to these efforts, NdFeB is considered the cheapest and strongest rare earth magnet.

The need for the further development of neodymium cube magnets is expanding

Using the term rare earth magnets to define neodymium is somewhat misleading. It is actually an alloy containing a relatively small amount of rare earth materials. For example, neodymium cube magnets electric motors actually contain a small amount of Nd, B, Fe, and more materials in the alloy.

Although many countries manufacture neodymium cube magnets, China still ranks first. The United States is the main consumer of these magnets, which are used in many different technological advances and electronic devices. These include precision bombs, batteries, and most of the military work of several other weapons. Due to the huge demand in the world today, the price of neodymium segment magnets has risen sharply in the past few years.

The application of neodymium segment magnets in motors

The development of rare earth magnets, such as neodymium, brings a hopeful future for the use of motors. They also include the latest electric and hybrid cars, which typically rely on rare earth magnets. People have some special reasons to use NdFeB motors instead of other magnet types like ceramic permanent magnets and ferrites.

When we talk about industrial applications, almost everyone is looking for higher performance and maximum efficiency. For example, when we ride electric cars, NdFeB motors can reduce the energy that must be transmitted in the form of hydrogen, gasoline or batteries because they are highly efficient and lightweight.

Using rare earth magnets, such as NdFeB motors, also benefits companies that lead the automotive industry. Neodymium cube magnets account for a large percentage. Neodymium segment magnets motors have higher performance than traditional motors of the same size. Therefore, they are also used for wind turbines and generators, where long-term efficiency is critical.

NingBo BeiLun Meank Magnetics Co.,ltd. has been producing rare earth neodymium segment magnets for more than 10 years. After years of development in the rare earth permanent magnet industry, Meank not only produces the highest grade NdFeB power magnets, but also produces various magnet components such as holding magnets, pot magnets, separating magnets and other magnetic tools. If you need it, please feel free to consult us.

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The Future of Neodymium Cube Magnet Motors
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