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The Development Prospects of the Magnetic Material Industry

1. What are the magnetic materials provided by magnetic materials supplier

The magnetic materials provided by magnetic materials supplier mainly include permanent magnetic materials, soft magnetic materials, letter magnetic materials, special magnetic materials, etc., covering many high-tech fields. In the fields of rare earth permanent magnetic material technology, permanent magnet ferrite technology, amorphous soft magnetic material technology, soft ferrite technology, microwave ferrite device technology, and special equipment technology for magnetic materials, a huge industry group has been formed. Among them, the annual market sales of permanent magnet materials alone have exceeded US$10 billion.

2. Which products can magnetic materials be used for?

First of all, in the communications industry, billions of mobile phones require a large number of ferrite microwave devices, ferrite soft magnetic devices and permanent magnetic components. Tens of millions of program-controlled switches also require a large number of magnetic cores and other components. In addition, the number of installed cordless phones abroad has accounted for more than half of the total number of fixed phones. This type of phone requires a large number of soft ferrite components. Moreover, video phones are rapidly spreading, and they also require a large number of magnetic components from magnetic material manufacturer.

Secondly, in the IT industry, hard disk drives, CD-ROM drives, DVD-ROM drives, displays, printers, multimedia audio, notebook computers and so on also need to use a lot of NdFeB, ferrite soft magnetic, permanent magnetic materials and other components.

Third, in the automotive industry, the annual output of automobiles is about 55 million. According to the calculation of 41 ferrite permanent magnet motors used in each car, the automobile industry needs about 2.255 billion motors every year. In addition, the demand for automobile loudspeakers is also hundreds of millions. In short, the automotive industry needs to consume a lot of magnetic materials every year.

Fourth, in industries such as lighting equipment, color TVs, electric bicycles, vacuum cleaners, electric toys, and electric kitchen appliances, there is also a great demand for magnetic materials. For example, in the lighting industry, the output of LED lamps is very large, and it needs to consume a lot of ferrite soft magnetic materials. In short, tens of billions of electronic and electrical products need to use magnetic materials every year. In many fields, even core magnetic devices with extremely high technical content are required.

In short, magnetic materials can cover a large number of electronic and electrical products. It is one of the basic and backbone industrial sectors of the material industry. With the rapid rise of China's electronic and electrical industry, China has become a country of production and consumption of magnetic materials, with a large number of magnetic materials suppliers. In the near future, more than half of the magnetic materials will be used in the market.

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