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Technical Terms for the Physical Properties of Permanent Magnets: Remanence and Curie Temperature

Permanent magnets are widely used in modern high-tech electronic products, and are almost closely related to our lives. Cars, notebooks, mobile phones, etc. are inseparable from magnetic materials. Ningbo BeiLun Meank Magnetics Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of permanent magnets for more than ten years. It enjoys a high reputation in the international permanent magnet market and maintains good cooperative relations with customers in many European and American countries. Today, Beilun Mingke will share with you the technical terms in the physical properties of permanent magnets: remanence and Curie temperature.

Residual magnetization: After the permanent magnet is magnetized and saturated by the external magnetic field in the closed-circuit state, when the external magnetic field is removed, the magnetic polarization intensity J and internal magnetic induction intensity B of the permanent magnet will not disappear due to the disappearance of the external magnetic field H, but will remain constant The value of the size, which is called the residual magnetic polarization intensity Jr and the residual magnetic induction intensity Br of the material, collectively called the residual magnetism.

Curie temperature: As the temperature increases, due to the intensification of the thermal oscillation of the elementary particles inside the substance, the arrangement of the microscopic magnetic dipole moments inside the permanent magnet is gradually disordered, and the magnetic polarization intensity J of the material increases with the temperature. When the temperature rises to a certain value, the magnetic polarization intensity J of the material drops to 0. At this time, the magnetic properties of the permanent magnet become the same as the non-magnetic substance (such as air). This temperature is called the Curie temperature Tc of the material.

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