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Surface Treatment and Knowledge Analysis of Ferrite Magnets

Ⅰ. How can the surface of ferrite magnets be generally treated?

Ferrite magnets are ferromagnetic, high resistivity, and high dielectric properties, and are a type of metal oxide. Ferrite magnets also have high magnetic permeability at high frequencies, so this material has become a widely used non-metallic magnetic material in the field of high frequency weak current. In the actual production of ferrite magnets, raw materials with good chemical composition may not necessarily obtain ferrite magnets with good performance and microstructure, which are mainly affected by physical properties. Today, we will briefly introduce how the surface of ferrite magnets can be generally treated!

The magnet has good corrosion resistance, it will not corrode in water, it is resistant to chemical corrosion by many alkaline solutions, dilute acids, organic solvents and some hydroxides, it is very suitable for salt water environment (no corrosion problems at all), it can be corroded by acid (such as hydrochloric acid) corrosion, the surface is generally not treated, and does not require coating protection. In addition, ferrite permanent magnets can also be painted and nickel-plated, mainly in medical applications. In most applications, ferrite magnets (ceramic magnets) do not require any coating and can be used directly.

Ⅱ. Knowledge points of ferrite magnets

How much do you know about ferrite magnets? This type of product is still used a lot in our lives. If you are interested in it, you can take a look, it should be able to give you some help.

(1) What is the function of ferrite?

1. Magnetic shielding or absorbing electromagnetic waves.

2. Isn't ferrite capable of resisting high temperature up to 450℃? General ferrite can only reach 200 ℃.

3. It has an adsorption effect, but the adsorption force is very small. Generally, it plays a conductive role, and it is used in many motors.

(2) What is the density of ferrite?

1. Sintered ferrite: the density is about 4.9g/㎠.

2. Injection-molded ferrite with a density of about 3.8g/㎠.

(3) Where are ferrite magnets used most?

Ferrite magnets are undoubtedly used in various motors. Starter motors for motorcycles and cars, motors for car sunroof opening, curtain automatic device, toy motor, etc.

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