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The summarizes of samarium cobalt magnets(SmCo magnets)

The definition of samarium cobalt(SmCo magnets): SmCo magnets SmCo permanent magnets, SmCo permanent magnets, SmCo strong magnets, rare earth cobalt permanent magnets. It is rare earth magnetic material made from samarium,cobalt and other metallic rare earth materials through matching, dissolved into alloy, crushing, pressing and sintering.

The feature advantages of samarium cobalt(SmCo magnets): SmCo magnets have high energy product, very low temperature coefficient, the maximum working temperature for SmCo magnets is 350 degrees centigrade, negative temperature does not limit, above the working temperature of 180 DEG C, the maximum energy product and temperature stability and chemical stability of SmCo magnets are exceed NdFeB permanent magnetic material. SmCo magnets have strong anti-corrosion and strong antioxidant.

The application fields of samarium-cobalt magnets: samarium-cobalt magnets are widely used in aerospace, defense, military, microwave devices, communications, medical equipment, instruments, meters, a variety of magnetic transmission devices, sensors, magnetic processors, motors, magnetic cranes, and so on.

The production flow of samarium-cobalt magnets: proportioning→smelting→milling→preforming pressure→sintering and tempering→magnetic checking→grinding→cutting processing→finished product

The typical shapes of samarium cobalt magnets/smco magnets: smco magnets can be made into smco disc magnets,smco block magnets,smco cylinder magnets,smco arc magnets,smco ring magnets and other special shapes can be customized.
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