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The Magnetic Poles of a Sphere Magnet

The strongest magnetic part of a magnet is called magnetic pole.There is magnetic field around the magnetic pole, and the interaction between the magnets is mediated by the magnetic field.

We know that the poles of a strip magnet are actually at the two ends, and the poles of a horseshoe magnet are also at two ends.Then how about sphere magnets? If one is in the center of the ball, the other is at a certain part of the surface or the sphere, it is obviously not true, because then there is no magnetic field around the sphere magnet. And if it's any two opposite points on a sphere magnet, then obviously there are countless poles, and that's impossible.

In fact, the magnetic poles of natural sphere magnets are usually at two ends of a certain diameter, such as the N-pole and S-pole of the earth. Of course, there may be a slight deviation, but generally not much.As for artificial sphere magnets, their poles are related to the direction of magnetization when manufactured. There are many kinds of materials for artificial magnets, but no matter which materials, they are magnetized after they are made into a certain shape, so the location of magnetic poles is determined by the method of magnetization. Once the direction of magnetization is determined, the poles are at both ends of the diameter of the sphere in that direction.
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