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The Global Magnetic Materials & Permanent Magnet Production Mainly Concentrated in Asia

At present, the world's magnetic materials and permanent magnet production mainly concentrated in Asia, Japan mainly produce high-end permanent magnets ; China mainly produce middle and low-end permanent magnet, and also part of the high-end magnetic products market; Other Southeast Asian countries segment the middle and lower magnetic product markets.

As China has a good overall configuration market and investment environment, accelerated the Japanese, European and American ferrite magnet(ceramic magnet) manufacturing industry move into China.

China's ferrite magnet industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 20%, with an average output doubled every five years.In recent years, the output, quality and grade of ferrite magnets in China have been greatly improved. Basically, all kinds of standard products of TDK company in Japan can be produced. At present, permanent ferrite products used in the field of high technology accounted for 42%, such as home appliances (microwave oven, air conditioning, small appliances), office supplies (copier, fax machine, automobile, motorcycle), instrument sensors. The application in the field of traditional low-end products accounted for 58%, such as a loudspeaker magnet, adsorption magnet, toy magnet, motor magnet and magnetic devices. On the whole, the performance of ferrite magnets in China is mostly medium and low. Although the output is the highest in the world, the output value is not ideal.Now the total output value of Chinese magnetic materials is 26 billion 500 million yuan, hard ferrite magnet output is 6 billion 200 million, soft ferrite magnet yield is 9 billion 300 million, the SmCo magnet, NdFeB magnet and metal magnet market accounted for 11 billion yuan.

With the the consumer products develop to digital and high performance development, put forward higher requirements for magnetic material products, such as high-definition digital TV, and the power loss of soft magnetic ferrite magnetic permeability, using frequency requirements than the simulation machine. The digital video cameras and other audio equipment, inverter air conditioner also put forward more high demand for high-grade magnetic materials.In addition, the development of automobiles, communications and computer industry has also led to the development of high-grade magnetic materials.
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