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Teflon Coating and Teflon Coated Neodymium Magnets

Teflon coating is the most important recognizable term used to describe polytetrafluoroethene (which shorted as PTFE) or industrial performance coating. However, it must be remembered that Teflon is a registered trade name belonging to Chemours and not necessarily a product itself.

We sometimes received customers' inquiry about neodymium magnets with Teflon coating. We are teflon coated neodymium magnets manufacturer, and we make simple introduce on Teflon and teflon coated neodymium magnet as below:

Teflon coating is a kind of excellent coating with wide application. Teflon coating is a kind of fluorocarbon solid, which means that it has high molecular weight composed only of carbon and fluorine. This combination makes it water resistant, makes it have low friction coefficient, and makes other useful properties possible. Teflon coating has many characteristics, although the most common is related to the non-stick coating of cooking utensils, but Teflon coating has many uses in many industries. Teflon coating is resistant to corrosive chemicals, provides good electrical insulation,

Teflon coating can be used to protect neodymium magnets from corrosion, it looks like epoxy coated magnets, but Teflon coated neodymium magnets do not absorb water, can withstand extreme heat and cold, is resistant to ultraviolet light, and produces little friction.

Welcome worldwide customers' contacting about Teflon(PTFE) coated neodymium magnets.
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