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Safety Problems In Production

Nd-Fe-B is inflammable, and at the same time, in order to prevent oxidation and add inert gas in the production process, it is also explosive. Safety is important, so the following are the safety problems that may arise in the process of manufacture.

1. Smelting

A. The products in the smelting furnace are subjected to high temperature expansion due to water leakage after pouring, and it will result in explosion.

B. The alloy ingots may fall to the ground when they are placed, which will break the operator's toenail.

C. If the argon is not cleaned during the process of cleaning the flinging furnace, the staff will suffocate.

2. Milling

Most of the safety accidents occurred during the milling process, and many of them are related to human life.

A. The explosion of filter tube caused by air flow.

B. The explosion of inventory powder.

C. The explosion of blender.

D. The explosion of hydrogen blast furnace.

E. The explosion of micropowder.

3. Forming

A. After mixing, the powder storage bucket has positive pressure, and improper operation will cause an accident.

B. The press will break the finger.

4. Inadvertently milling: it may grind and break finger.

5. Subsidiary occupation: when the sintering plate is punched a hole, the employee may hurt his fingers if he breaks the rules.

6. Magnetizing: magnetic products may break fingers because they are not identified.

7. What is the three defense:

Anti oxidation: because neodymium is very active and its oxygen affinity is strong, so it is easy to cause product such as neodymium magnets oxidation.
Moisture-proof: water vapor in the air has a great influence on the quality of NdFeB. If the equipment leaks, the product may produce ammonia odor. If the ingot is exposed to air for a long time, it will have a great impact on the quality of the product.

Anti-impurity: due to the lax control of various process links (especially smelting and miling), dust and foreign matter may enter the product interior, which will cause a large number of products to be scrapped.
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