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Rubber NdFeB Is A Kind Of Bonded NdFeB Magnets

According to forming methods, bonded NdFeB magnets are divided into molded NdFeB magnets, injection NdFeB magnets and calendering NdFeB magnets/rolling NdFeB magnets. Rubber NdFeB is just rolling NdFeB. The so-called bonded NdFeB  is the bonded magnet that has permanent magnetic properties ,  it is made by mixing the magnetic NdFeB powder(usually produced by rapid quenching method or HDDR method) and binding element(such as epoxy resin, nylon or rubber), then directly molding in mold, or calendering, and then solidified.

Its characteristic is the final size can be got without mechanical processing, the material can be saved. The high precision of the product size, suitable for mass production. In addition, the corrosion resistance is better than a sintered magnet. The disadvantage is magnetic low, the performance of isotropic bonded magnets is only 1/5 of sintered NdFeB magnets.

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