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The Progress Of Permanent Magnetic Materials Influence On Permanent Magnetic Devices

Permanent magnetic material is the material that produces a constant magnetic field in a specified space.Permanent magnets can be used alone,can also form magnetic circuits with other ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic materials, and then become magnetic devices.With the rapid development of science and technology, permanent magnet materials have been progressing continuously. The appearance of new permanent magnet materials has promoted the improvement and development of permanent magnet assemblies.While the demand of high and new technology has promoted the emergence of new permanent magnetic materials.Therefore, it can be said that the development and application of new permanent magnetic materials is an extremely important part of the high-tech industry.

The improvement of the properties of permanent magnetic materials can make the size of magnetic devices smaller, which makes it possible for all kinds of permanent magnetic devices in modern industry to be small, miniature and lightweight.The maximum energy product (BH) max), one of the most important properties of permanent magnetic materials, describes the progress of permanent magnetic materials and their influence on magnetic devices.

The emergence of new materials always has new properties, such as rare earth permanent magnetic materials have high coercivity than other kinds of permanent magnetic materials. This feature opens up a new class of applications and devices.The appearance of rare earth permanent magnet, especially NdFeB magnets, has great influence on the development of modern high-tech industry.

The appearance of rare-earth permanent magnet is a huge progress in the field of permanent magnet materials,especially, the high performance of neodymium rare earth permanent magnets make the high efficiency, miniaturization and lightness of magnetic assemblies to be possible.And make magnetic devices used in many fields where it was impossible to use permanent magnets in the past, thus opening up some new fields of permanent magnet applications.The research of new rare earth permanent magnet materials is getting deeper and wider, and new magnetic materials will be developed in the near future.It is believed that with the expansion of the application of rare earth permanent magnet materials, we will usher a new era of high and new technology application for rare-earth magnets.
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