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Matters Of Attention In Use Of NdFeB Magnets

1. Temperature

When the customers select the Nd-Fe-B magnet, they should choose the suitable magnet brand according to working temperature. If the working temperature is higher than the temperature that the magnet brand can withstand, the magnet will appear demagnetization. Before ordering, make sure that the temperature and grades are suitable for your own use.

2. Environment

If the magnet device used in the sealed state, you can consider the choice of surface non-galvanized or white galvanized magnets, which can save costs. If the magnets such as neodymium magnets are exposed to moist air, especially in salt spray, it is recommended to consider the nickel plated magnets. Magnets should be stored in a dry and constant temperature environment. And they shoule be separated and wrapped by plastic, wood chips, hard paper, foam and so on. It should be far away from irons and magnetized items such as monitors, bank cards, computers, televisions, mobile phones, etc.

3. User object

With regard to environmental protection, for some developed countries such as North America and Europe, users should pay special attention to environmental issues. Export products must pass the six standards of the SGS EU.

4. Handling and stacking

Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials are hard, brittle and have strong magnetic field. They should be handled lightly (especially large-size and thin sheets). When strong magnet itself is absorbed or separated from other irons, be careful to operate and not to impact. Otherwise, it will cause collision and damage the magnet or finger. Because NdFeB is a polymetallic alloy with a density of 7.45, and it is a heavy and brittle. So we should be careful when we move and handle it, so as not to break. When storing, we should keep the environment dry. Do not put it on the ground directly. We should put a thick cardboard or put it on the shelf.

5. Instructions for use

When the magnet is inseparable from each other, it is recommended that we can push flat to make it stagger and we must not be forced to separate them. When we use the left hand to fix the whole magnet, we should also use the forefinger and the thumb on the right hand to move out the magnet horizontally. After moving out, do not throw the magnet back in the magnet heap immediately, we should isolate the magnet immediately. We should take them lightly and place them far away from things like iron or magnets.

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Matters Of Attention In Use Of NdFeB Magnets
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