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The Factors that Influence the Attraction/Magnetic Force of NdFeB Magnets

Under normal circumstances, NdFeB magnets can attract the objects that 600 times the weight of their own objects. The factors influence suction: the size/volume of NdFeB magnet, the grade of NdFeB magnets, and distance.

1. Influence of size/volume

The bigger the volume of NdFeB magnets, the stronger the attraction. On the contrary, the smaller the volume, the weaker the magnetic force

2. Influence of performance grade

The higher the grade of NdFeB magnets, the stronger the suction force, for example, with the same size of the magnet, N50 has much higher suction than N35.

3. Influence of distance

This distance refers to the distance between the NdFeB magnet and the attracted object, the longer the distance, the weaker the suction.

In addition, NdFeB magnet specifications are many, with holes, special-shaped, and these have direct relationship with suction, calculation is more complex.
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