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High performance neodymium-iron-boron: tomorrow star of magnetic material & elastic target of rare e

The NdFeB magnets that with strong magnetism,small volume and high performance lead the future magnetic material development: NdFeB magnets(following short as neodymium magnets) have many advantages, such as strong magnetic force, small volume and so on. As technology continues to break, the rapid development in recent years, the current production and sales have been close to the traditional ferrite magnets/ceramic magnets, the alternative trend is obvious. With the continuous development of new energy vehicles and robots industry, the demand on high-performance neodymium magnets keep rising, and expected to become the future development direction of magnetic material.

The capacity of neodymium magnets gradually transfer to China, the production expansion of high performance neodymium magnets is limit: subject to foreign environmental pressure and the rising cost of production, the global neodymium magnets production capacity continue to transfer to the domestic, has accounted for about 90% of the global total capacity and the global supply of neodymium magnets. Due to the higher technology threshold, most of high performance neodymium magnets are customized products, expansion is difficult. We judge that during the 2017-2019 years, the increase of China's high performance neodymium magnets production capacity is about 4000 tons, 8000 tons, 10000 tons, the total global production capacity of neodymium magnets is about 53 thousand tons, 61 thousand tons, 71 thousand tons.

Five major areas pull the demand growth of high performance neodymium magnets,the balance between future supply and demand is tight for high performance neodymium magnets: with the development of new energy vehicles, wind energy and robot industrial , the demand of high performance neodymium magnets is growing day by day.At the same time , the demand of high performance neodymium magnets in the area of lift and variable frequency air condition is steady. We judge during the 2017-2019 years, the global demand on high performance neodymium magnets is about 52 thousand tons, 62 thousand tons, 73 thousand tons, and expected to show a tight balance between supply and demand. At the same time compared with the record industry inventory will decline, industry structure continued to improve.

Benefit from the moderate rise of rare earth prices, the stock elasticity higher than rare earth object: rare earth take up about 70% cost of NdFeB magnets, the price trend of NdFeB magnets shows high correlation with rare earth price. Because the stocking cycle of raw material is longer for NdFeB magnets industry, usually up to 3-5 months, rare earth prices rose modestly, in favor of manufacturers gradually increases and enjoy the value-added inventory. From historical trend, in rare earth prices upward cycle, stock elasticity of NdFeB is higher than standard rare earth targets, we judge,with the six rare earth group completed the integration of rare earth and rare earth prices hitting step by step, the bottom of the range has been established, the future is expected to step into the channel of modestly rise, Nd-iron-boron are expected to become the focus of the rare earth permanent magnet plate.
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