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Development Status Of Neodymium Cylinder Magnets

Since the first invention of this company in 1983, neodymium permanent magnet has quickly set off a development and research upsurge in the world with its advantages of high remanence, high coercivity, high magnetic energy product and good dynamic recovery characteristics. A lot of manpower, material and financial resources have been put into the field in recent years especially in the United States and Japan. The development and application of neodymium cylinder magnets have been developed rapidly. The European Community allocated funds to develop neodymium permanent magnets and made new breakthroughs in the production process of neodymium cylinder magnets. At present, the application of neodymium cylinder magnets has been involved in various fields of the national economy, especially in the fields of permanent magnetic iron remover, computer industry, information industry, automobile industry, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging industry, CD-ROM, DVD audio-visual industry and magnetic separators. The development and application of NdFeB permanent magnet have become a strategic emerging industry that has risen to a high level in the country. 

China has surpassed Japan in the output of neodymium magnet and becomes a big producer. In recent years, there have been nearly 10 enterprise groups with more than 100 billion yuan, more than 10 top 100 electronic components and more than 20 enterprises with more than millions of dollars in foreign exchange. Domestic and foreign orders are abundant and sales market is wide, indicating that this industry is developing into an express train. At present, the application of rare earth permanent magnetic materials in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, motor, sound, magnetic separator, watt-hour meter, magnetizer, sensor and other devices has been expanded. And great progress has been made in the fields of high technology, national defense industry, industry and agriculture, household appliances and so on. In recent years, the new applications of geophones, permanent magnet removal equipment, magnetically permeable drugs, electric vehicles, and automobiles have developed rapidly. At present, the proportion of neodymium and neodymium magnets in our country is 32%, 21% of the magnetizer, 31% for motor and sensor, 9% for the magnetic coupling and magnetic separator, 5% for the motor and the watt-hour meter, and 2% for the other.
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