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Application Details For All Kinds Of Permanent Magnets

(1) NdFeB magnets
NdFeB magnets are superior to other permanent magnets in magnetic properties. It has high magnetic energy product, coercive force and energy density. It is called "magnetic king", and its mechanical properties are good and easy to process. These excellent properties make Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetic materials have been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology, there are the more common permanent magnet motors, speakers, computer disk drives, magnetic separator, magnetic resonance imaging equipment instrument etc.. The output value in 2000 for the first time exceeded the rare earth permanent magnet ferrite, NdFeB magnets in 2010 output value beyond the ferrite permanent magnet industry, become worthy of the name "leading role" in the manufacturing process, NdFeB sintering, hot pressing bonding and divided into three kinds, three kinds of performance characteristics of each magnet, making them also have their own characteristics in the application. Sintered NdFeB is the most productive and widely used rare earth permanent magnet material at present. Sintered NdFeB with high energy product, high coercivity, and high working temperature, but its preparation and shape tolerance is large degree of freedom, so is mainly used in large and medium-sized motors, wind power generator, high fidelity loudspeaker etc.. The following diagram shows the application of sintered NdFeB.

Bonded NdFeB has an irreplaceable application area. Bonded NdFeB magnetic as sintered NdFeB, but it has the advantages of simple process, low cost, small volume, high precision, uniform magnetic field stability, has an irreplaceable role in information technology, office automation, consumer electronics and other fields. The following diagram shows the application of bonded NdFeB applications.

(2) hard ferrite magnets
Although the comprehensive permanent magnet ferrite magnetic low, but compared with the permanent magnet, high resistivity, good stability, strong ability of resistance to environmental changes, abundant sources of raw materials, high cost, mature technology and simple, and there is no oxidation problem, so in the low end products can lower requirements on magnetic properties are widely used. Permanent magnet ferrite is widely used in automobile, consumer electronics, home appliances, computers, communications products and other end consumer products. The specific application areas of permanent ferrite in some main applications are listed below.

Major application areas

Application range


Fuel pump motor, starter motor, fan motor, etc.

Computers and peripherals

The disk drives the motor, the head drives the motor and rotates the mechanism, the fan motor, the active motor, the belt motor, the paper feeding motor and the transmission mechanism attract magnet and so on

OA device

Driving motor, flute spring contact element, magnetic roller device, sensor, lens system, drive motor, checking machine, motor, etc.

VCD,  DVD player

Spindle motor, video disc converter etc.

Video recorder

Magnetic head driving motor, a driving wheel motor, winding motor, loading motor, load transmission mechanism, PG sensor, reed switch, drum etc.


Speaker, center adjustment magnet, color correction magnet


Speakers, synchronous motors, drive wheels, motors, coil motors, microphones, couplers, etc

Information display system

Magnetic character display device, magnetic turnover information display device

Communication equipment

Telephone transmitter, microwave communication device, speaker, reed switch, fax machine with magnetic roller feeding motor

(3) SmCo magnets
SmCo magnets with magnetic stability, excellent temperature coefficient is very low (-0.030%/ C), resistance (up to 500 DEG C for) and superior corrosion resistance. These characteristics are NdFeB magnets do not have, in addition also has a high magnetic energy (high energy product, Gao Jiaowan, Gao Shengci), and magnets is very suitable for harsh environment field. SmCo magnets have been widely used in the aerospace industry, defense industry, microwave devices, communications, medical equipment, instrumentation, wind power generation, transmission device, magnetic sensor, magnetic processor, high-end motor etc..

(4) AlNiCo Magnets
Aluminum nickel cobalt magnet is the highest temperature of Curie permanent magnet material, its use temperature up to 600 degrees, it has low-temperature coefficient, high-temperature resistance, moisture resistance, not easy to oxidation and good stability and other characteristics. AlNiCo magnets are mainly used in the need to generate high magnetic field and high temperatures, such as electric motors, electric guitar pickups, speakers, sensors and traveling wave tube etc.. In addition, in communications, computer peripherals, micro motors, sensors and magnetic seals and other applications, the use of aluminum nickel cobalt to make miniaturization and miniaturization of complex shape of permanent magnet components, the cost is almost the lowest. Because of its excellent mechanical properties, aluminum nickel cobalt can be used as a structural part of complex magnetic circuits.

(5) Rubber magnets
The minimum magnetic rubber magnetic energy, but because of its flexibility, elasticity, winding and so on, make the daily production and people very close to, mainly used in micro motor, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, kitchen cabinet, toys, teaching equipment, advertising, information notices frame, switch and sensor disk etc..

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Application Details For All Kinds Of Permanent Magnets
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