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Designs of magnet assemblies

Different types of permanent magnets are made from a variety of materials and will have their own set of characteristics. Materials commonly used during magnet manufacturing include sintered ceramic powder composite (iron oxide, ceramic powder, and either barium or strontium), alnico alloys (composed primarily of aluminum, nickel and cobalt), and rare earth elements like neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) and samarium cobalt (SmCo).
To make magnet assemblies, manufacturers may put the materials through a few different processes. Ceramic magnets, for example, can be extruded, compressed, or sintered into a multitude of shapes.
There are several properties that magnet manufacturers take into consideration when fabricating magnets. These properties include porosity, ease of fabrication, magnetic retention under heat and corrosion, magnetic strength, and cost. For your benefit, manufacturers can make custom magnet assemblies. Learn more about custom magnets by talking to your supplier.
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