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Common Sense of the Use of Ferrite Magnets

We believe everyone knows what a magnet is, but doesn't know much about ferrite magnets. Ferrite is a ferromagnetic metal oxide that is widely used in life and industry. In terms of electrical properties, the resistivity of ferrite is much larger than that of metal and alloy magnetic materials, and it also has high dielectric properties. It is a material with excellent performance. Since many people do not know much about it, today we will show you. Let's take a look at the common sense of the use of ferrite magnets.

1. The moment magnetic material of ferrite magnet

This refers to ferrite materials with rectangular hysteresis loops. Its characteristic is that when there is a small external magnetic field, it can be magnetized and reach saturation. After removing the external magnetic field, the magnetism remains the same as when it is saturated.

Such as magnesium manganese ferrite, lithium manganese ferrite and so on. This ferrite material is mainly used in memory cores and other aspects of various electronic computers.

2. Hard magnetic materials for ferrite magnets

Ferrite hard magnetic materials are not easy to demagnetize after magnetization, so they are also called permanent magnetic materials or permanent magnetic materials. Such as barium ferrite, steel oxide, etc. It is mainly used in recorders, pickups, speakers, magnetic cores of various instruments, etc. in telecommunication devices.

3. Gyromagnetic materials of ferrite magnets

The gyromagnetism of magnetic materials refers to the phenomenon that the plane-polarized electromagnetic wave propagates in a certain direction inside the material under the action of two mutually perpendicular steady magnetic fields and electromagnetic wave magnetic fields, but its polarization plane will continuously rotate around the propagation direction.

Excellent performance gives ferrite magnets a wide range of usability. Although metal and alloy materials also have certain gyromagnetic properties, due to low resistivity and too large eddy current loss, electromagnetic waves cannot penetrate into their interiors, so they cannot be used. Therefore, the application of gyromagnetism of ferrite gyromagnetic materials has become a unique field of ferrite. At present, ferrite gyromagnetic materials are mainly used in electronic equipment such as radar, communication, navigation, and telemetry.

We believe that after reading these, everyone has a deeper understanding of ferrite magnets. This material has played an important role in the progress and development of society.

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Common Sense of the Use of Ferrite Magnets
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