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The summarizes of hard ferrite magnets/ceramic magnets

The features of ferrite magnets/ceramic magnets: its main raw material include BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19.As manufactured by ceramic method, texture hard, brittle material, the ferrite magnet has good heat resistance, low price, moderate performance, has become the most widely used permanent magnets.

The characteristics of ferrite magnets/ceramic magnets: ceramic magnets have higher magnetic properties, better time stability and lower temperature coefficient.

The application fields of ferrite magnets/ceramic magnets: ceramic magnets were widely used in meters, meters, motors, automatic control, microwave devices, radar and medical equipment.

The magnetize direction of ferrite magnets/ceramic magnets: ceramic magnets can be axial magnetized, diameter magnetized or magnetized according to requirements.

The shapes of ferrite magnets/ceramic magnets: ferrite magnets are normally produced into ferrite cylinder magnets,ferrite disc magnets,ferrite block magnets,ferrite ring magnets and ferrite arc magnets etc.
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