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Bonded Nd-Fe-B (Bonded Magnets)

Product description

Bonded NdFeB raw materials are made of rare earth magnetic powder and resin and they are compacted by pressing machine. It has no magnetic field arrangement, so the direction of magnetic force is not restricted. It can make the inner diameter, outer diameter, or upper and lower magnetization as required. It is one of the indispensable magnetic components of the superior products. In order to retard oxidation corrosion, we use epoxy resin as surface treatment, and its color is gray and black. The dimensional precision of the bonded magnets is very high. It can be made into a relatively complex magnetic element such as neodymium magnets, and has the characteristics of one molding, multi polar orientation and so on.

The shape of bond NdFeB can be divided into: Tile type (motor magnetic tile), cylinder, ring (ring type magnet), square (square magnet), heteromorphic magnet, etc.

The method of magnetization of bonded NdFeB: Thickness magnetization, radial multi-pole magnetization (external or internal), radial multi-pole magnetization (radial ring), plane multi-pole magnetization, paired magnetization (tile magnet), radial ring oblique charging, etc.

Bonded NdFeB can be widely used in radiator fans, home appliances motors (dehumidifiers, fans), magnetic induction and so on.
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