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About Rubber NdFeB

Composition of rubber NdFeB:Rubber NdFeB is a flexible bonded permanent magnet material,it uses rubber as a binder,fast quenched NdFeB powder as filler,and with auxiliary processing additives,composite material made by using the production process of rubber products

Characteristics of rubber NdFeB: This composite has high magnetic and mechanical properties.And it is easy to process flexible bonded magnetic plate, magnetic stripes and magnetic rings and other complex shape devices, so as to meet a variety of different needs.More importantly, the rubber NdFeB composite can fill the space of magnetic properties between the present ferrite and rigid NdFeB permanent magnets. It is easy to operate in the process of manufacture and assembly, easy to form and process, and the equipment needed is cheap.The surface of the material does not need coating protection like the rigid NdFeB permanent magnet, and the production process is simple.

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