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2:17 SmCo Magnets

2:17 SmCo magnets is also called  Sm2c017, it is composed of metal samarium, cobalt, copper, iron, zirconium, by a certain proportion, and through smelting, crushing, pressing, sintering and aging to make the magnetic material. The maximum magnetic energy product of each brand is in the range of 20-32, and the maximum working temperature is 350 ℃. Because the rate of 2:17 has lower temperature coefficient and better corrosion resistance. At high temperatures, the magnetic properties exceed those of NdFeB magnets, so it should be widely used in aerospace, military affairs, high temperature motor, automobile sensor, magnetic drive, magnetic pump, microwave device and so on. 2:17 SmCo is extremely brittle and is not easily machined into complex shapes or thin flaky and thin-walled rings. In addition, the 2:17 SmCo is particularly brittle, in the process of product processing or process turnover, inspection, and magnetization, all of that will cause small missing angles easily, We believe that magnetic properties or functions should be considered qualified as long as they do not affect them. In addition, the user is using the assembled material to attract each other, resulting in the breakdown of the magnet. 2:17 magnets are not easy to magnetize saturation, the user should be sure to know how much magnetic field their devices have if they need to magnetize themselves.
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