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1:5 SmCo Magnets

1:5 samarium cobalt is also called  samarium cobalt 5, SmCo5, it is a magnetic material made of samarium, cobalt or part of praseodymium instead of metal samarium, after a certain proportion, through melting, crushing, pressing and sintering. The maximum magnetic energy range for each brand is between 16-25, the maximum operating temperature is 250 °C, the maximum magnetic energy product is better than the 2:17 samarium drill magnet bottom, and the mechanical properties and ductility are slightly better than 2:17, it is easier to machined and less brittle when used than 2:17 samarium cobalt, so 1:5 SmCo magnets are suitable for processing 2:17, which is the shape specification difficult to process. For example, wafers, cubes, rings, and various complex shapes that are particularly thin in thickness or wall, etc.In addition, the 1:5 SmCo magnets can be less magnetized than the 2:17 samarium drill magnet. The normal 40000 Gao Si magnetic field can be filled with magnetic saturation, and the 2:17 high coercivity samarium cobalt magnet needs 60000 Gao Si or higher to magnetize. Recently, the rare earth content in the formula of 1: 5 SmCo magnets has reached a high level of nearly 40% because of the large increase in the valence of rare earths, so the price is much higher than the 2:17 samarium drill magnet. The user can choose to use 1:5 or 2:17 samarium drill magnet according to their own use.
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