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  • Magnetic Grate Separators/Magnetic Grid SeparatorsMagnetic Grate Separators/Magnetic Grid Separators2017/06/07Magnetic grate also known as magnetic shelf, magnetic frame ,magnetic stand and magnetic hopper grate.Magnetic grate separators are assemblied by several or more super powerful magnetic bars.Each bar ...More
  • D20xd4x5mm neodymium ring magnetsD20xd4x5mm neodymium ring magnets2017/09/06The ring magnets on the picture is made from neodymium magnetic material. The size of the neodymium ring magnets is D20xd4x5mm. With axially magnetized, the magnetic poles are on the two flat surface....More
  • D8xd3.5/6x3mm neodymium countersunk magnetsD8xd3.5/6x3mm neodymium countersunk magnets2017/09/22For neodymium countersunk magnets,they can provide stronger magnetic strength than the same size of ferrite countersunk magnets and smco countersunk magnets. The size of D8xd3.5/6x3mm neodymium counte...More
  • 3x3x3mm neodymium cube magnets3x3x3mm neodymium cube magnets2017/10/11The neodymium cube magnets are special block magnets,which have the same size for length,width and height. The tiny neodymium cube magnets on the picture just measured 3x3x3mm. The smallest tiny neody...More
  • D12xd4x6mm rare earth ring magnetsD12xd4x6mm rare earth ring magnets2017/10/12Rare earth magnets include neodymium magnets and Samarium-Cobalt magnets.The rare earth ring magnets on the pictures are made from neodymium magnetic material.The dimension is D12xd4x6mm, axially magn...More
  • Rotary Magnetic HooksRotary Magnetic Hooks2017/10/12The rotary magnetic hooks are used on vertical suface. They care water proof magnetic hooks,you can not see metal part outsite.The rotary plastic magnetic hooks can't cause scratch on other object surface.More
  • Plastic Coated Magnetic HooksPlastic Coated Magnetic Hooks2017/10/13Magnetic hooks are sometimes used in bad environment,to not let its surface rust quickly and lengthen its working time,a good surface protection is need.Usually plastic housing or rubber housing are m...More
  • Rectangle Magnetic CatcherRectangle Magnetic Catcher2017/10/16Rectangle magnetic catcher can pick up iron parts rapidly and safely,it is one kind of very useful magnetic tools.More
  • Round Magnetic CatcherRound Magnetic Catcher2017/10/16Round magnetic catcher is easy to use,but the magnetic surface is smaller than rectangle magnetic catchers.More
  • Magnetic Pole IdentifierMagnetic Pole Identifier2017/10/31Magnetic pole identifiers are a normal magnetic tool for knowing the pole name of a magnet.More
  • 30x10x7mm Plastic Coated Magnets30x10x7mm Plastic Coated Magnets2017/12/2630x10x7mm plastic coated neodymium magnets with black color.More
  • 25.4x25.4x9.53mm Waterproof Magnet25.4x25.4x9.53mm Waterproof Magnet2017/12/261"x1"x 3/8"(25.4x25.4x9.53mm)neodymium magnets with plastic coating,which known as waterpoof magnets.More
  • 12.7x12.7x12.7mm Strong Plastic Magnets12.7x12.7x12.7mm Strong Plastic Magnets2017/12/261/2"x1/2"x1/2"(12.7x12.7x12.7mm) strong plastic magnets with black color.More
  • D15xd6x6mm neodymium circular ringsD15xd6x6mm neodymium circular rings2018/01/03Neodymium circular rings are round shaped neodymium magnets with a hole in the center.It is made by cutting from a neodymium tube magnets.We have different sizes for neodymium circular rings in stock,...More
  • D6xd2x2mm small neodymium ring magnetsD6xd2x2mm small neodymium ring magnets2018/05/31Neodymium rings D 6 x d 2 x 2 mm with gold colorMore