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Production Technology and Application of Magnetic Rubber

China magnetic rubber is widely used in various fields and has a broad market prospect. For example, in the application of railway transportation system, the shock-absorbing material compounded with magnetic rubber material and metal or other rigid material can be attached to the side of the rail and the web or steel beam of the railway bridge by magnetic attraction to reduce vibration and effect of noise.

1. How does China magnetic rubber make?

This magnetic composite material is a restrained shock-absorbing material laminated by a China magnetic rubber layer and a restraint layer. The magnetic rubber layer is filled with ferrite with butyl synthetic rubber, then magnetized as a matrix elastomer, and then bonded with a galvanized steel plate of the constraining layer to form a composite body.

During construction, it is fixed on the steel vibrating body by magnetic suction. Because it is fixed on the steel vibrating body through the magnetic attraction of the China magnetic rubber layer, it will vibrate with the vibration of the vibrating body. In this way, a part of the vibration can be converted into the internal energy of the rubber along with the deformation of the rubber. Part of it is converted into heat energy due to the friction on the interface of the vibrating body of the magnetic rubber layer, so as to achieve a synergistic vibration reduction effect.

Due to the convenience of construction, the material only needs to be attached to the side of the railway track, or the web or steel beam of the railway bridge. Therefore, it is very suitable for the renovation projects of shock absorption and noise reduction of the road sections in normal operation.

2. The development of China magnetic rubber

The development history of China magnetic rubber is not long. The research and development and industrialized production began in the 1990s. With the scientific progress and development needs of society, flexible magnetic rubber is more and more widely used in various fields, and the production process is constantly improving and innovating. With the joint efforts of rubber technicians, there will certainly be a qualitative leap in the near future!

The processing technology of magnetic rubber products is basically the same as that of general rubber products, the difference is the adding magnetic powder and magnetizing technology. But that's easier said than done.

That is, add a large amount of magnetic powder to the rubber (more than ten times the ratio of dry rubber), the magnetic powder must be evenly distributed in the rubber. Otherwise, it will affect the mechanical properties of China magnetic rubber. Scientists and technicians continue to develop methods for adding magnetic powder to the rubber, such as mechanical addition (adding by rubber mixing) and solution (emulsion) adding method, that is, the rubber is processed into a solution or emulsion, and the magnetic powder is uniformly dispersed therein. There is also a reaction method, which is a process in which a low-molecular-weight liquid rubber with active end groups is mixed with magnetic powder, and then the end groups react to generate macromolecules.

3. Processing technology of magnetic China magnetic rubber

Take the mechanical addition method as an example, it is divided into conventional rubber product molding process and special magnetization process. The purchased magnetic powder should be treated before production, such as the use of ferrite magnetic powder. Because it is a polar molecule and belongs to a hydrophilic substance, it is easy to absorb moisture in the air during transportation and storage, which will affect the performance of magnetic rubber, so the magnetic powder should be dried before use.

In order to increase the affinity of fillers such as rubber and magnetic powder, and improve the filling rate of rubber compounds. In the formula of China magnetic rubber, an appropriate amount of titanate coupling agent should be added, which can also improve the fluidity of magnetic rubber.

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