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New Type of Chest Magnet Chest

Magnetic name badges belongs to a new type of breastplate. Magnetic name badges uses the magnetic principle to avoid damaging clothes and stimulating the skin in wearing ordinary breastplate products. Fixed on both sides of the clothes by the principle of opposite attraction of magnetic blocks, it is firm and safe. Through the rapid replacement of labels, the life of the product is greatly prolonged. Magnetic name badges can print the paper by itself without the restriction of quantity and can replace it by itself. When using, please remove the magnet behind it and place it on the inside of the clothes. At the same time, put the card face on the outside of the clothes to make it absorb naturally.

The use of breastplate is generally to standardize service behavior and improve the image of the unit. Therefore, workers are required to wear it every day at work. Most of our country is used to wear it in front of the left chest, which is the precordial area. If the magnetic field intensity of Magnetic name badges exceeds the standard, it may have adverse effects on health. For the sake of safety, it is suggested that measures should be taken to reduce the magnetic field intensity by adding a 2 m thick iron shielding material on the back of the chest plate. Magnetic name badges should also be avoided when used directly on the skin. At the same time, it is better to change the position of the chest plate to avoid the heart position in front of the chest.
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