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Magnetic Ceiling Hook for Ceiling Hanging

Magnetic ceiling hooks and hanging fittings can be used to connect signs, POS and other items that use magnetic anchors and adjustable height hook cables to ceiling or roof trusses. Magnetic signage hangers are often used in ceiling grids.

I. Magnetic ceiling hooks provide a safe way to hang

Magnet fasteners are ideal for ceilings, shops and display systems with magnetically absorbent steel plates or grids.

1. Magnetic ceiling hooks are still popular in retail and industrial fields. :Magnetic ceiling hooks are also widely used in schools and offices. The ceilings of these schools and offices are supported by metal grids, to which magnetic ceiling hooks can be easily attached.

2. Magnetic ceiling hooks can adjust height without touching the roof, making them ideal for high ceiling hanging. Magnetic ceiling hooks are used to hang sales materials, signs and decorations.

3. Most roof trusses and purlins are made of steel, and as long as there is enough flat area, magnets can be firmly attached. Magnets are good sign hanging solutions in sheds (box stores) or industrial buildings.

4. We also offer simple magnetic ceiling hook fittings for hanging lightweight POS materials.

5. Magnetic ceiling hooks are easy to use and move, leaving no marks, screw holes or adhesive residue on the ceiling.

II. How to check if the ceiling is suitable for magnetic ceiling hooks?

1. Use refrigerator magnets or magnetic nameplates (or any type of magnet) to test, and check if the metal surface is made of steel. Then, we can tell if it is suitable for magnetic ceiling hook fixtures.

2. If the metal is painted, it is difficult to tell whether it is steel, which magnet hook will connect successfully, or aluminum, which magnet will not stick.

3. Stainless steel also needs to be evaluated, as some grades have reasonable magnetism and others do not.

4. Check before ordering magnetic ceiling hooks, and read our weight guide on magnetic fittings for safe support in various situations.

5. Hanging objects falling from the ceiling can be a significant hazard, so we always recommend applying a considerable margin of safety when choosing magnet hardware for ceiling hanging applications.

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