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Wireless Power Transmission Technology Is More Mature, And Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Material Has

Application prospect on rare earth permanent magnet materials NdFeB industry forefront, had the privilege of half open sharing in situation of Baotou rare earth forum and Fuyang Yingzhou development zone. Wireless charging electric field, is the frontier for its future application to predict one of the technical aspects, now also thrive.

Research Institute Gartner report mentioned that the world's ten major technologies ranked first for fast charge, and the second for wireless charging technology, and not to mention its ranking, fast charge and wireless charging is indeed a practical technology
According to industry sources, at this stage Airfuel Alliance has been able to achieve wireless fast charging vision, assuming that consumers' mobile phones can support 10W power, then Airfuel technology launch products can provide the corresponding number of Watts.

At present, the International Telecommunication Union wireless communication (ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector department, ITU-R) regulations, provisional 6.78MHz band can be used as the only wireless charging band; according to the ITU-R, the other wireless charging frequency, will likely influence the application in radio navigation, radio navigation, positioning, and Japan Railway net band interference, therefore is not recommended.

The application of rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB.

In wireless charging, the magnetic material is the most important part of the small magnetic field. The core material includes ferrite, NdFeB, iron based amorphous nanocrystals and so on. The material of the core is the highest proportion in the material cost structure
The permanent magnet material is used in a wireless charging system in the need to enhance the transmitting and receiving coil flux, progressive transmission efficiency; on the other hand, as the location of the transmitting and receiving device between terminal equipment for rapid and correct positioning.

Public information available, in the provision of small magnets, wireless charging device for NdFeB permanent magnet materials (i.e. NdFeB); wireless charging equipment available for permanent ferrite materials instead of large NdFeB permanent magnet materials, reduce the cost. Such as: the Columbia University (UBC) using non contact dynamic magnetic coupling or MDC. The interaction of two permanent magnet rotating magnetic field, the realization of EV wireless charging at a distance of 102mm~152mm.

In addition, the fixed position of charger application of neodymium iron boron permanent magnetic piece positioning, terminal equipment need to be placed in the position to a fixed charge and charge the maximum efficiency of.Qi scale in such designated design work frequency in the 110kHz~205kHz. fixed position charger resonant frequency is higher, the general collector with a small loss, NiZn ferrite thin high frequency magnetic shielding as the magnetic effect is good.

The appliance of wireless transmission appliance is approaching its end.

It is understood that Haier wireless has successfully wireless power transmission technology in high power household appliances, charging power can be as high as 1000W transmission distances of 50 mm (partition, and can charge) system efficiency is as high as 85-90%.

Held in Shanghai 2016 Chinese household appliances and Consumer Electronics Fair (referred to as the "Shanghai Expo"), Haier demonstrated a number of embedded wireless power transmission, intelligent home appliances products charging module, such as the wireless power supply intelligent toilet cover.

Not only realized in wireless toilet seats and other bathroom appliances, Haier this wireless charging technology to support mobile phone, tablet, laptop computer, sweeping robot, kitchen appliances and so on, and the existing wireless charging complete sets of products listed, including wireless radio cooker, blender, radio transmitter.

Wireless power transmission technology is more mature
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Wireless Power Transmission Technology Is More Mature, And Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Material Has