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Strong magnet NdFeB strong magnet

A strong magnet is also "rare earth strong magnet", which means NdFeB strong magnet. NdFeB has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, and strong magnetism, so it is the best magnet with the best performance-price ratio so far. It is expected that there will be no magnetic material to replace NdFeB in the next 20-30 years. The main raw materials for producing NdFeB strong magnet materials are rare earth metal neodymium, metal praseodymium, pure iron, aluminum, ferroboron alloy and other rare earth raw materials NdFeB strong magnet. The core technology of NdFeB strong magnet industry is mainly embodied in the manufacturing process, which is embodied in the uniformity, consistency, processing quality and coating quality of its products. NdFeB strong magnet, as the third generation rare earth permanent magnet material, has a high performance-price ratio. It is widely used in energy, transportation, machinery, medical, IT, household appliances and other industries. Especially with the development of knowledge economy represented by information technology, it brings new uses to rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB functional materials such as iron-boron industry. This will bring a broader market prospect for Nd-Fe-B industry.
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