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Rare Earth Prices Fall Down After Crazy Rise,The Magnetic Material & Rare Earth Magnets Enterprise G

Reporters learned yesterday from a number of advisory bodies, the early rise of praseodymium, neodymium and other rare earth varieties recently quoted quite confusing, traders will quote praseodymium oxide neodymium  30 thousand yuan down per ton. Rare earth industry research believes that the rare earth prices rose too fast before, it tends to be stable, it will make the downstream magnetic material and rare earth magnets manufacturer get pant.Especially for rare earth neodymium magnets producers and SmCo magnets producer. From the basic point of view, rare earth prices still have more support factors, easy to rise, difficult to fall.

According to Wikipedia information offer, On 21st, rare earth oxide, praseodymium neodymium oxide price was 510 thousand yuan / ton, compared to August 17th fell 30 thousand yuan per ton; dysprosium oxide, terbium oxide and other varieties per ton compared to 17, decreased by 80 thousand yuan and 100 thousand yuan. The rare earth metals, compared with the average price per ton of dysprosium iron fell 60 thousand yuan 17.

For the rare earth prices fall down,rare earth research industry insiders said when accepted an interview of an reporters, the second half of the week quoted last week has the confusion of rare earth, praseodymium neodymium oxide prices decline. Shanghai metals rare earth industry analyst said, according to the Shanghai metals for large enterprises, traders offer understanding of the situation, offer of praseodymium neodymium oxide was smooth, generally at 500 thousand yuan per ton to 510 thousand yuan, there is no obvious price down.In general, the downstream rare earth magnets enterprises have a certain inventory of raw magnetic materials, they will not centralized purchase in the process of price rose rapidly . The praseodymium neodymium oxide prices rose sharply, downstream rare earth magnets producer delayed the purchase raw magnetic material, not much turnover of magnetic material..

According to reports, the early growth of rare earth raw materials prices have affected the downstream magnetic material industry procurement and production.At present, the orders of magnetic material enterprises are still in good condition, and some enterprises are pricing in "rare earth raw materials, real time prices + certain profits" pricing, passing on the risk of raw material rising.

Recent rare earth inflation, there is existence of funds speculation ingredients.But based on rare earth 'anti' strictly, the downstream demand is stable, fast factors such as the index of total quantity control of part of the production enterprises of raw materials consumption, from the fundamental point of view, there are still many good factors for raw magnetic materials of rare earth magnets.
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