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Rare earth magnet neodymium magnet

The most important materials of neodymium magnet are rare earth metal neodymium, metal element iron, and non-metal element boron. The ternary permanent magnet material of Qinfe-boron system is based on Nd2Fe14B compound. Its composition should be similar to that of compound Nd2Fel4B. However, when the composition of Nd2Fe14B is completely proportioned, the magnetic properties of the magnet are very low, even no magnetism. It is only when the content of Nd and B in the actual magnet is more than that of Nd and B in Nd2Fe14B compound (i.e. forming Nd-rich and B-rich phases) that better permanent magnetic properties can be obtained.

Nd-Fe-B magnet is a kind of energy storage material, which can generate a constant magnetic field in a certain space. Nd-Fe-B hydromagnetic materials have been widely used in many fields, especially in modern high-tech fields, due to their high coercivity and magnetic energy product, especially their excellent performance compared with other permanent magnets in the environment of 20 ~180. Such as motor, speaker, VCM voice coil motor, generator, receiver, measuring instrument, magnetic separation, magnetic pessimism, magnetic drive, magnetic suspension magnetic chuck, magnetic resonance, etc.

Assuming that the environment is suitable, the magnetic properties of the magnet will not be greatly damaged even after a long time of use. So in practical application, we often neglect the influence of time factor on magnetic properties. If it is stored at an appropriate temperature, humidity and without strong external magnetic field, radiation and other factors affecting its magnetic properties, its magnetic properties can almost always be maintained.
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