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Performance And Use Of Permanent Magnetic Material

Permanent magnetic material, also known as hard magnetic material, is characterized by high anisotropic field, high coercivity, large hysteresis loop area, large magnetization field needed to be magnetized to saturation, and it can maintain a strong magnetism for a long time after removing the external magnetic field. In practice, permanent magnetic material work in the second quadrant demagnetization part of deep magnetic saturation and hysteresis loop after magnetization. Permanent magnetic material, as an important basic functional magnetic material, has a wide range of applications. China's permanent magnetic material industry plays an important role in the world. Not only are there many enterprises engaged in production and application, but also the research work is in the ascendant.

Permanent magnetic material has various kinds and different performances, so when designing permanent magnetic motor, it is necessary to select suitable permanent magnetic material varieties and specific performance indicators.

(1)It should be able to ensure that there is adequate air gap magnetic field in the air gap of the motor and the specified motor performance indicators.

(2)The stability of magnetic properties should be guaranteed under specified environmental conditions, working temperature and operating conditions.

(3)It has superior mechanical properties to facilitate processing and assembly.

(4) good economy and appropriate price.
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