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New energy electric vehicle catalyze upsurge of rare earth permanent magnet industry

The new energy electric vehicles catalyze the upsurge of rare earth permanent magnet industry , recently we seem to wonder at the rapid development of new energy, Volvo said it will no longer produce pure fuel cars in 2019, Norway's four main parties agreed that from 2025 onwards banned fuel car sales, France plan to stop selling fuel cars in 2040 and so on. Many countries in the future will be grounded for pure fuel vehicles, such information means that the new energy vehicles will win a huge development, the power battery will also win a huge challenge, all that catalyze the upsurge of rare earth permanent magnet industry.

Once the penetration of new energy vehicles enhanced, the impact on related industries is hitherto unknown. With rare earth as an example, an automatic limousine consumes about 0.5-3.5kg rare earth permanent magnets. The consume of neodymium magnet material on new energy vehicles is more, each hybrid cars consume about 3kg NdFeB magnets more than traditional car,pure electric vehicles adopt the rare earth permanent magnet motor generator to replace the traditional motor generator, maximum use 5-10kg NdFeB magnets .10million new energy vehicles will drive at least 50 thousand tons of rare earth ore development demand, equivalent to the annual output of the North rare earth. Rare earth smelting separation in China each year, the quota is 10 tons. So it drives the rare earth permanent magnet industry chain related stocks sharply rise

At the same time,  the rectification work on the rare earth industry is in an orderly manner, which expected to make the supply end of rare earth magnetic material appear obvious atrophy. Because in mining and smelting process of rare earth will bring more serious pressure on the environment. So with the increase of China's environmental protection efforts, a whole-process monitor was given to the production process of rare earth, a large number of small and medium enterprises helpless exit the market. But the market demand for rare earths is in continuous improvement, so it makes the rare earth materials appear the situation of imbalance between supply and demand, which make the price steadily increasing, and also expected to become be driving power source of price rise for the stock that has relation with rare earth permanent magnetic material.

New energy electric vehicle catalyze upsurge of rare earth permanent magnet industry
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