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Magnetic Refrigerator Pasted Pvc Refrigerator

Refrigerator stickers can be divided into two categories, one is magnetic stickers, the other is self-adhesive stickers. Magnetic stickers are reusable and non-drying stickers are disposable. They are usually used for decoration, but they also have the function of recording food stored in refrigerators and reminding.

Magnetic refrigerator stickers can be divided into soft magnetic refrigerator stickers and hard magnetic refrigerator stickers. As the name implies, they are made of PVC. They are translated into English as PVC refrigerator stickers.

PVC refrigerator is usually used for decoration, but also for making memorandums, that is, small notes, such as what vegetables or other food in the refrigerator to buy, you can write them down. The products of magnetic refrigerator stickers can make all kinds of three-dimensional products with strong three-dimensional effect, which is difficult for other materials to do.

Benefits of PVC Magnetic Refrigerator Stick

The surface of PVC refrigerator is made of PVC soft glue, and a layer of soft magnet is attached on the back. The model is chosen as planar 3D effect, and the LOGO of the enterprise can be added on the surface.

Product Usage Xu: PVC refrigerator is a refrigerator jewelry, an advertising jewelry distributed by companies and enterprises. It is the preferred home jewelry for advertising and propaganda. It has both practical value and decorative environment. It is a good gift and handicraft for advertising and propaganda of enterprises.
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