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Introduction to Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic Whiteboard, also known as writing whiteboard, whiteboard. It is a common product in office supplies. Its convenience makes it tend to replace the traditional blackboard. Magnetic Whiteboard uses a dedicated whiteboard pen for writing with a dedicated whiteboard eraser. Easy to use and clear to write. Another advantage is that the required text can be "subscribed" to magnetic Whiteboard using magnetic stripes. It's an office. Family education is a good choice. The writing level of Magnetic Whiteboard is a whiteboard. It is a special material. Writing on it with a special whiteboard pen can be erased very well, just like writing on the blackboard with chalk. In the middle are several layers of corrugated paper with certain hardness. The backplate is a galvanized sheet. Then use aluminum alloy or other materials to wrap the edges. To fix the four corners, special wrap angle is used to fix them. Now office use can be optionally placed on the magnetic Whiteboard rack to facilitate mobility.

Use precautions:

1. Write with a good quality whiteboard pen, otherwise it will not be clean.

2. Wipe with a soft and clean whiteboard (for example, the whiteboard is attached with dirt, and can be used again after cleaning with water). Otherwise, it is easy to damage the surface of the board when wiping.

3. It is normal for magnetic Whiteboard to have brush marks or dust deposits on the board surface after a period of use. At this time, it is not necessary to wipe the board surface directly with a rag (because there are inevitably debris and hard objects on the rag, which scratches the board surface) and clean it with whiteboard cleaner and sponge cloth or paper towel. The method is: spray whiteboard detergent on the board first, then wipe it carefully with a soft, clean cotton cloth or paper towel without hair.

4. Normally, do not lean on the board to avoid touching the board.
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