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How to Cut Ferrite Magnets?

Ferrite magnets are actually relatively large, so the manufacturer in the production is bound to be cutting and other processes, but what should we do? In fact, you can learn about this aspect from the following part. If you are interested in it, you can see the following part. I believe that you will have a very good helping role.

ⅰ. What are the different forms of cutting ferrite magnets?

Cutting ferrite magnets to square, round plate, cylindrical and electromagnetic coil application of arch magnet mainly, but also using sample acquisition and unique specifications customization.

ⅱ. What is used for cutting ferrite magnet?

Ferrite magnet is used for door magnetic alarm, feeling element, magnetic holder, door stop, automatic element, DIY element, health magnetic therapy, magnetic equipment, magnetic chip separator and so on.

ⅲ. What is the smallest size of cutting ferrite magnet?

With the improvement of cutting strength, block ferrite magnets can be cut in the minimum size of L2XW2x0.8MMT, according to the customer specified size cutting manufacturing.

ⅳ. How to cut ferrite magnets?

Cutting block ferrite magnet is made of block rough cut, and the raw material is mainly Sr (Sr) ferrite (Fe2O3). The forming time is longer, but the density is higher. The larger the block rough, the better. But due to the pressure limit of the machine itself and the consideration of yield improvement, the control block raw material specification is L220XW150x25.4MMt. The outer diameter and thickness of the ferrite permanent magnet itself can only be processed, but cannot be divided. If the original function of the ferrite permanent magnet is divided, it will be changed, and the phenomenon of weak magnetism will appear. The outer diameter and thickness are processed mostly by water grinding, and the appearance will be changed after processing, but the original form will not be changed.

ⅴ. What is the manufacturing process of cutting ferrite magnet?

Block rough → heating → adhesion → cutting → surface grinding → cleaning → magnetizing → detecting → packaging → shipment.

There are relevant knowledge point introductions, and we think that you will understand it in the future. If you need to buy block ferrite magnets, you can directly consult our company.

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