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Functions of Magnetic Ceiling Hook

The magnetic ceiling hook is composed of iron shell (or other materials) and magnetic steel magnetic circuit, outputting a strong magnetic force. Insert the magnetic steel into the iron bowl at the bottom of the shell, and use glue to stick the magnetic steel in the iron bowl through the positioning gauge. After several hours of curing, use tension gauge to test whether it meets customer's requirements. The hook is simple in structure, and easy to install and use. The size of the hook depends on the actual situation, and its bearing capacity is large. The magnetic ceiling hook has important practical value.

I. Characteristics of the magnetic ceiling hook

1. Strong magnetic force, compact size;

2. The strong magnetic force is concentrated on only one side; there is little magnetism on the other three sides; the magnet is not easy to break;

3. Free to hold or move on iron metal surfaces;

4. Permanent magnetic force, long service life.

II. What are functions of the magnetic ceiling hook?

1. Magnetic ceiling hook for connecting suspended ceiling rod;

2. Magnetic ceiling hooks are ideal for hanging posters and banners from suspended ceilings;

3. Magnetic ceiling hooks of different sizes are available to accommodate different display sizes;

Use magnetic ceiling hooks to ensure that the sales sign hanging point is firmly fixed to the ceiling. Magnetic ceiling hooks can be easily attached to magnetic ceiling surfaces and provide support for hanging posters and banner displays. Connect the monitors to magnetic ceiling hooks using nylon cord, or connect them directly to magnetic ceiling hooks.

The maximum gripping force of the magnetic ceiling hook depends on many factors, including the condition of the mounting surface, the product the magnetic ceiling hook supports, and the position in which it is placed.

III. What sizes are available for magnetic ceiling hooks?

There are three sizes of magnetic ceiling hooks provided by Meank Magnetics: 25mm, 32mm and 36mm. The bigger the magnetic ceiling hook is, the stronger the strength of the magnetism is. If you want to hang an object with quite heavy weight, we recommend pre-testing each size of magnetic ceiling hook to ensure the product fits your needs.

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