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Comprehensive Analysis Of Al-Ni-Co Permanent Magnet

Al-Ni-Co permanent magnet is one of the first permanent magnet materials widely used. Its preparation process and technology are relatively mature.

1. Level of development

The preparation technology and performance level of the global Al-Ni-Co permanent magnetic materials are basically the same. Due to its special properties and its habitual use in instruments, there are factories in Japan, the United States, Europe, Russia, China and so on.

2. Production scale

In order to meet their own needs, some research units and factories engaged in machinery, instrumentation and aerospace industries often carry out small-scale Al-Ni-Co permanent magnet matching production.

Among the large-scale production enterprises, Ningbo Beilun Meank Magnetics Co., ltd. enjoys a high reputation in the international permanent magnet market, and has maintained good cooperative relations with many European and American customers.

3. Material characteristics

Residual magnetic flux density of aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet is relatively high, up to 1.35 T, but their intrinsic coercive force is very low, typically less than 160 kA/m, its demagnetization curve is nonlinear variation, and aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet back to double line do not overlap with the demagnetization curve, so the device when the magnetic circuit design and manufacture, should pay special attention to its particularity, it must first obtain the stability of magnetic treatment on aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet.

According to the characteristics of low coerciveness of Al-Ni-Co permanent magnetic materials, it is strictly forbidden to contact with any ferromagnetic materials during use, so as to avoid local irreversible demagnetization or distortion of magnetic flux density distribution.

In addition, in order to enhance the anti-demagnetization ability of Al-Ni-Co permanent magnets, its magnetic pole surface is usually designed with long cylinder or bar shape.

In addition, the Al-Ni-Co permanent magnetic material has low mechanical strength, high hardness, easy fragility and poor machinability, so it cannot be designed as a structural part. Only a small amount of grinding or EDM can be carried out during processing, and forging and other mechanical processing cannot be adopted.

4. Application field

The magnetic properties of Al-Ni-Co permanent magnets are little affected by temperature, so they are widely used in permanent magnets requiring high temperature stability, such as instruments and motors. It is especially suitable for torpedoes, missiles, aircraft and other weapons equipment and satellites and other spacecraft used.

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