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Characteristics of Rubber Magnets and How to Generate Magnetic Force?

1. The characteristics of rubber magnets

The higher the slope, the stronger the suction. For example, N48 has a much higher suction power than N35 for the same size magnet. The farther the magnet is from the object to be adsorbed, the smaller the suction force, and different distances have different suction force. There are many specifications, holes and shapes of ferrite magnets, which are directly related to the suction force, and the calculation is complicated.

Rubber magnets are soft. Due to its different structure from ordinary magnets, rubber magnets can be used as magnets in scenes such as toys, stationery, bulletin boards, etc. Although the magnetic force will weaken, it is sufficient for our normal use in most cases.

Rubber magnets have flexibility and elasticity, and can be made into complex shapes such as coils, sheets, strips, blocks, rings, etc. by extrusion, calendering, injection molding, and molding. The surface can also be coated with PVC sheet, coated paper, double-sided tape and UV oil. Besides, it can be cut into various shapes by color printing die.

Rubber magnets are composed of magnetic powder, chlorinated polyethylene and other food additives. It is designed by businesses by making extruded and calendered products. Rubber magnets can be the same or the opposite and can be bent, twisted and curled. It can be used without further mechanical production methods and can be shaped to the required material size. Its magnetic energy product is 0.60 to 1.50 MGOe.

2. How does a rubber magnet generate magnetic force?

The common rubber magnets in life are ferromagnetic materials. If the ferromagnetic substance is under a strong magnetic field, the size of the magnetic domain will change, the magnetic domain will expand in the same direction as the external magnetic field, and finally, you will get a magnet. This process is called magnetization.

It can be concluded that the magnetic force of the magnet is generated by the spin and the movement of electrons around the nucleus in ferromagnetic matter. Magnets are common and play a huge role in many modern electronic devices and production. Moving an electric charge creates a magnetic field, so we can make an electromagnet by wrapping an iron core with an electric coil. However, the magnets we see in our daily life do not need to be wound with electrical coils. So, where does the magnetic force of the rubber magnet come from?

The movement of electrons around the nucleus creates a magnetic field, as does the spin of the electrons. So, in theory, all materials are magnetic, like wood and water. However, the direction of the magnetic moment generated by the electron is random, and the force and force cancel each other out.

The above is the principle of the magnetic force generated by the magnet. Magnets play a very important role in modern electronic technology production, scientific research and magnetic levitation.

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Characteristics of Rubber Magnets and How to Generate Magnetic Force?
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