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Characteristics, Classification and Uses of Rubber Magnets

Rubber magnets are made of permanent magnetic flexible magnetic materials, in sheet, strip and extruded forms, and can also be made into various shapes, such as ring, square, segment, cylinder, etc.

Ⅰ. The characteristics of rubber magnets

Light, soft, elastic, stable, easy to process, energy saving, shock and sound absorption, very flexible, can be punched, cut and laminated easily, average temperature stability, good resistance to demagnetization, resistance to chemical agents, etc. with reasonable tolerance.

Ⅱ. Types of rubber magnets

1. Isotropic magnet; widely used in daily necessities industry, toys, tutoring, printing, decoration, etc.

2. Anisotropic magnets: These rubber magnets are made by extrusion or injection. Properties such as high elasticity, flexibility and machinability make these magnets the best choice for many permanent magnet applications in industrial and household appliances.

Ⅲ. The use and application of rubber magnets

Rubber magnets offer an alternative material for printing, fixing, signage and fastening applications. Designers, printers, marketers, salespeople, engineers, teachers, manufacturers, sign makers, material handling specialists, and more use rubber magnets.

These rubber magnets are ideal for applications that require precise combinations of low-cost magnets with complex shapes. These rubber magnets are used in the food industry, advertising industry, factory equipment industry, offices and homes, etc.

Some of the applications of rubber magnets are as follows: Fasteners, Displays, Advertising Professionals, Nameplates, Printing, POP Displays, Crafts, Message Boards, Surface Mount Signs, Floor Signs, Vehicle Signs, Architectural Signs, Molds, Teaching Aids, Decorative Magnets, Commercial Business cards, calendars, etc.

We have been engaged in the production of rare earth neodymium magnets for more than 10 years. After years of development in the field of rare earth permanent magnets, we not only produce the highest grade NdFeB power magnets, but also various magnet components (such as holding magnets, pot magnets, separation magnets, etc.).

The competition of permanent magnets and magnet application products is very fierce, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of quality. Without high-quality products, magnet companies cannot survive. Therefore, we always strive to provide the highest quality products to all our customers. We ensure a win-win for our clients and ourselves to achieve sustainable growth and capture more NdFeB strong magnets and their application markets. Create more value for every magnet/magnet user and magnet dealer through innovation, and provide our best service to realize the common growth of customers, companies and employees. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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Characteristics, Classification and Uses of Rubber Magnets
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