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Characteristics and Performance Comparison of Rubber Magnetic Strips

Rubber magnetic strip is composed of ferrite magnetic powder and synthetic rubber, and then processed by a specific technology. Its maximum magnetic energy product ranges from 0.60 to 1 50 MGOe, and its maximum operating temperature can reach 100 °C.

I. Characteristics of rubber magnetic strips

Rubber magnetic strips are elastic and flexible, so they can be produced into rolls, sheets, strips, blocks, rings and various disorderly shapes through appropriate technology. You can cover PVC sheet, coated paper, double-sided adhesive, and UV oil on the surface, or cut it into various shapes with color printing die.

Because magnets are coated with organic matter, they have excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Rubber magnetic strips have the lowest price of all permanent magnets and is widely used in daily life.

We can roughly understand different types of permanent magnets through the introduction of the characteristics and performance parameters of all kinds of permanent magnets. By roughly comparing the magnetic parameters, non-magnetic parameters, and prices of all kinds of magnets, we can understand the various properties of different permanent magnets, which is helpful for us to select the corresponding type of permanent magnets according to the actual use requirements.

In addition, the performance varies greatly if the brand is different for the same type of magnet. Understanding the corresponding performance parameters of different brands of magnets is helpful to accurately select the right brand of magnets.

II. Comprehensive performance comparison of various rubber magnetic strips

According to the characteristics of all kinds of permanent magnet data, different kinds of permanent magnets can be obtained by selecting different production processes. Now commonly used permanent magnets mainly include Aluminum nickel cobalt (AINiCo), permanent magnet ferrite, samarium cobalt 1:5 (SmCo3), samarium cobalt 2:17 (Sm2Co1), sintered NdFeB, bonded NdFeB, rubber magnetic strip, etc. Different types of permanent magnets have different magnetic properties and parameters.

The magnetic properties of AINiCo, a rubber magnetic strip, are at a medium and low level. The current AINiCo has a maximum magnetic energy product of 8 to 103 kJ/m3, or 1 to 13 MGOe. Because its Curie temperature is Tc=890 °C, its maximum operating temperature can be as high as 600 °C, and its temperature coefficient can be as low as -0.02%/°C. Al-Ni-Co magnets have good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.

The machinability of rubber magnetic strip AINiCo is outstanding among permanent magnet materials, because the hardness and brittleness of permanent ferrite and rare earth permanent magnet are much greater than that of AINiCo.

The AINiCo product, for example, has geometric dimensions that can be machined to a precision of 0.02mm. The smallest Alnico elements are 2mm×2mm and 5mm×@2mm×8mm, which are difficult to achieve for sintered SmCo, NdFeB and ferrite permanent magnets. In addition, rubber magnetic strip Alnico is used to make miniaturized messy shape permanent magnet elements in some cases, and the cost is almost the lowest.

Because of its excellent mechanical properties, Alnico can be used as a structural part of chaotic magnetic circuit, while rare earth permanent magnet and ferrite permanent magnet can only be used as functional material. In addition, the rubber magnetic strip Alnico can also be directly used with plastic, nylon and powder metallurgy parts to complete the integration of high temperature (600 °C) processing and combination, showing Alnico outstanding machinability. Because AINiCo contains strategic metals Ni and Co, its price is higher than ferrite and plastic tray.

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Characteristics and Performance Comparison of Rubber Magnetic Strips
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