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Basic Overview and Characteristics of Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite magnets are permanent magnets made of SrO, BaO and Fe2O3 as raw materials. Compared with other permanent magnets, ferrite magnets are hard and brittle and have low magnetic energy. However, it is not easy to demagnetize, is not easy to corrode, the production process is simple, and the price is low. Therefore, ferrite magnets have the highest yield and are widely used in the entire magnet industry. Next, we will introduce you to the basic overview and characteristics of ferrite magnets.

1. What is a ferrite magnet?

Ferrite magnets are metal permanent magnets composed of barium and strontium iron, which have the advantage of being inexpensive in addition to strong anti-demagnetization properties. Ferrite magnets are hard and brittle, and require special machining processes.

The heterosexual magnet of ferrite magnets must be magnetized in the direction because it is oriented along the manufacturing direction, while its homosexual magnet can be magnetized in any direction because it is not oriented, although it is often the smallest side on the pressure surface, but Magnetic induction is slightly stronger. The magnetic energy product ranges from 1.1MGOe to 4.0MGOe. Because of the low cost of ferrite magnets, it has a wide range of applications, from motors, motors to toys and handicrafts, so it is currently the most widely used permanent magnet material.

2. The characteristics of ferrite magnets

It is produced by powder metallurgy method, with low remanence, low recovery magnetic permeability, strong coercivity and strong diamagnetic ability, and is especially suitable for the magnetic circuit structure for dynamic working conditions. The material is hard and brittle and can be used for cutting with emery tools.

The main raw material is oxide, so it is not easy to corrode. Operating temperature -40°C to +200°C. Ferrite magnets are further divided into anisotropy (anisotropy) and isotropy (isotropy). The magnetic properties of isotropic sintered ferrite permanent magnet materials are weak, but they can be magnetized in different directions of the magnet; anisotropic sintered ferrite permanent magnet materials have strong magnetic properties, but only along the direction of the magnet Magnetize in a predetermined magnetization direction.

The above is an introduction to the basic overview and characteristics of ferrite magnets. I hope it will be helpful to everyone! If you want to know more about magnets, you can pay more attention to our website, we will update the content from time to time! If you need to buy NdFeB magnets, ferrite magnets, please contact us!

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