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Applications of Rare Earth Monopole Magnets in Modern Technology

Rare earth mono-pole magnets are one of the most important types of magnetic materials. Compared with the traditional permanent magnetic materials, it is the class of permanent magnetic materials with the highest coercivity and the largest magnetic energy product, and has become a key basic material indispensable to the modern industry. In this article, we will introduce the applications of rare earth mono-pole magnets in different fields.

New Energy Vehicle

There are four types of motors in the field of new energy vehicles: DC motors, induction motors, switched reluctance motors, and permanent magnet motors. At present, most of the new energy vehicle drive motors use rare earth mono-pole magnets, and its penetration rate shows a rising trend year by year. Compared with other types of motors, motors using rare earth mono-pole magnets can provide greater power output under the same mass and volume, which is the ideal type of motor for new energy vehicles.

Energy Saving Home Appliances

As the concept of low-carbon life takes root in people's hearts, green and energy-saving inverter appliances have gradually become the consumer trend in the home appliance market. Inverter appliances mainly include inverter air conditioners, inverter refrigerators, inverter washing machines, and other household appliances. Compared with the traditional fixed-frequency household appliances, inverter appliances have the advantages of low noise, energy saving, long life, etc. With its better performance, rare earth mono-pole magnets have gradually replaced ferrite permanent magnet materials and become the first choice of permanent magnet motor magnets for inverter appliances.

Wind Power Generation

In the field of new energy and energy-saving environmental protection industry, wind power generation is one of the main application areas of rare earth mono-pole magnets. Most of the direct-drive wind turbines are permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMGs), which have a tendency to gradually replace doubly-fed turbines due to the advantages of low maintenance costs and high system efficiency. In the future, with the large-scale unit, especially offshore wind power installed capacity accounted for the rapid increase in the proportion of direct-drive permanent magnet motor market share will increase.

Consumer Electronics

The advantages of rare earth mono-pole magnets, such as high magnetic energy product and high coercivity, are in line with the development trend of miniaturization, lightweight, and thinness of consumer electronic products. It is widely used in acoustic systems such as cell phone speakers and receivers, as well as camera voice coil motors (VCM), high-end vibration motors for cell phones, TWS headphones, and many other consumer electronics components. In recent years, the rapid development of consumer electronics products represented by smart phones and wearable devices has become the main growth point of the consumer electronics industry.

In short, rare earth magnet is a material with strong magnetic properties, because of its unique performance is widely used in new energy vehicles, wind power generation, energy-saving home appliances, consumer electronics products, and other fields. We have reason to believe that in the near future, rare earth mono-pole magnets will play a greater role!

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Applications of Rare Earth Monopole Magnets in Modern Technology
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