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Application of Neodymium Magnets in the Medical Industry

Ⅰ. Neodymium magnets applied in the medical industry

The application of rare earth permanent magnets in medicine accounts for an important part (10%) of its market. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment ranks third in the international neodymium permanent magnet market. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is used in medical devices. High magnetic fields of more than 3T are harmless to the human body. Among all medical equipment in radiology, nuclear magnetic resonance is the safest.

According to the principle that permanent magnets can attract ferromagnetic materials and other substances, neodymium magnets can be used to remove foreign objects from certain parts of patients during surgery, such as foreign objects in the eye and swallowed foreign objects.

Neodymium iron boron permanent magnets can generate a biological magnetic field with characteristics similar to that of the human body, and have stable performance. When applied to the human body, it can enhance the electromagnetic energy of the body's meridians, correct the body's own magnetic field, promote the operation of meridians, and achieve the effect of dredging meridians and increasing blood supply and oxygen. It can lower the excitability of the nerves around the cerebral cortex, promote the metabolism of bone and joint tissues, and has effects such as hypnotics, analgesics, sedatives, blood-activating and stasis-removing, and anxiety elimination. It is currently commonly used to treat chronic bone and joint diseases such as insomnia, neurasthenia, cervical spondylosis, and shoulder periarthritis.

Ⅱ. Neodymium magnets medical functions:

1. Analgesia:

(1) The analgesic effect of magnetic therapy is multifaceted. For example, magnetic therapy can improve the nutrition of blood tissues, thereby overcoming pain caused by iron deficiency, hypoxia, inflammatory exudation, swelling, nerve compression, and the accumulation of pain substances.

(2) The magnetic field can increase the activity of analgesic drug hydrolytic enzymes, thereby reducing pain by hydrolyzing or transforming analgesic drugs.

(3) The magnetic field can stimulate acupoints, dredge meridians, regulate qi and blood, lower excitability of peripheral nerves through nerve reflex under acupoints, and achieve analgesic effects.

2. Anti-inflammatory and swelling reduction:

The causes of inflammation are biological and non-biological.

(1) Biological inflammation is caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

(2) Non-biological inflammation is caused by low temperatures, high temperatures, various toxins, mechanical injuries, etc.

Generally speaking, magnetic therapy has better therapeutic effects on non-biological inflammation and chronic inflammation caused by biological factors. Because the magnetic field can strengthen local blood circulation, improve tissue permeability, facilitate the dissipation and absorption of exudate; in addition, the magnetic field can also enhance non-specific immune function, activate white blood cells, and increase phagocytic ability, thus having the effect of reducing swelling and inflammation.

3. Hypertension and lipid-lowering:

(1) The magnetic field can enhance the inhibition process of the cerebral cortex, regulate the autonomic nervous system, enhance microcirculation function of the body, and cause blood pressure to drop.

(2) The magnetic field can cause the long hydrocarbon chains of cholesterol to become short chains and multi-crystal centers. As red blood cells rotate, cholesterol is easily deposited on the vessel wall and easily excreted out of the body, thus lowering blood lipids.

4. Sedation:

Magnetic therapy can regulate meridians, nerves, and body fluids to a certain extent. It can not only improve sleep status, promote sleep, prolong sleep time, but also relax muscles and relieve itching.

5. Tumor inhibition:

Magnetic therapy can inhibit benign and malignant tumors.

(1) Excessive tumors such as fibroids and lipomas can be reduced or eliminated.

(2) It can also improve symptoms, inhibit the growth or shrinkage of tumors for malignant tumors such as digestive tract tumors, lymphomas, liver cancer, and renal cancer.

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