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Standard Shapes And Specifications of Various Permanent Magnets

Due to the different materials of permanent magnets, their hardness and plasticity also differ greatly, which also makes them have different processing performance and machining accuracy.  Permanent magnet products are usually processed into different shapes depending on the actual application, as shown in the table below. In addition to these common shapes(including disc magnets, ring magnets, block magnets, arc magnets, cylinder magnets), magnets are processed into other irregular shapes, collectively called special-shaped magnets, according to practical applications.


Among several permanent magnets, sintered NdFeB, samarium cobalt, ferrite and aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets, due to their greater hardness, most of them are regular blocks produced. However, due to the presence of organic compounds, the bonded NdFeB and rubber magnets have better mechanical properties and can produce various kinds of complex magnets with high dimensional accuracy. Rubber magnets, in particular, has the advantages of good flexibility, elasticity, and twisting, so it can be processed into strips, rolls, flakes, blocks, rings and complex shapes, and can be made into products of various colors.
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