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A Special Magnet Or Irregular Magnet Allows The Touch Screen To Have Feedback Function

First, the special-shaped/irregular magnet is the magnet designed for special products. The irregular magnets have become an irreplaceable material to promote the development of new and high technology and the progress of contemporary civilization, and the development prospect is relatively optimistic. Especially the special-shaped magnetic tile for motor, the development is faster. In addition, China's metal and rare mineral deposits are very rich, have advantage of rich and natural resources of raw materials. The irregular magnets are the magnets designed for the requirement of special product, irregular magnets are just relative to standard magnet the most widely used special-shaped magnetic material are ferrite material and NdFeB material.For example, the stator magnetic tile of a micromotor is a special-shaped magnetic material, it is irregular magnet. The magnet should be away from the easily magnetized objects, such as floppy disks, credit cards, watches, mobile phone, computer monitors, medical devices and so on. The magnet should be away from the heart pacemaker. The larger size of the magnet, plastic or cardboard should be added to each piece to ensure the magnet can be easily separated.

Two, the special magnet allows the touch screen to have a feedback function. The special magnet tells you that a special magnet is placed under the touch screen, meanwhile you need to wear a patch on your finger. In fact, the principle is very simple, is the use of magnetic attraction and repulsion to realize the feedback of touch. Although this must wear a patch which is a little trouble, but thanks to this, it can achieve more control possible.At the time of operation, your finger can slide along the established track and lock in a specific area without worrying about the range beyond which you can feel the reverse force.A special magnet allows you to feel the force feedback before you touch the screen, which allows you to control the multimedia playback function without having to stare at the screen, because there is a force that guides you.Of course, this technology still has a long way to go before commercialization. First of all, how to realize the miniaturization of magnets to fit the mobile phone size screen.
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