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Application Of Rare Earth Magnets

The applications of rare earth magnets include:

Wind turbine generator;

Audio loudspeaker/headset;

Bicycle generator;

Magnetic resonance imaging equipment;

Fishing roll brake;

Permanent magnet motor in cordless tools;

High performance AC servo motor;

Traction motors and integrated starter generators for hybrid and electric vehicles;

Mechanical power flashlight generates electricity by using rare earth magnet to swing or rotate (manual power);

For industrial purposes, such as maintaining product purity, equipment protection and quality control.

Catch the small metal particles in the lubricating oil (the crankcase of the internal combustion engine, including the gear box and the differential), so that the particles are no longer circulated, and they can not cause the wear of the mobile machine parts.

Other applications:

Linear motor (used for maglev train, etc.);

Freeze Animation: when it is impractical to fasten the traditional screws and nuts;

The study of magnetic levitation experiment, magnetic field dynamics and superconducting levitation;

Electric bearing;

Roller coaster technology was discovered on roller coaster and other thrilling amusement facilities;

LED Throwies, small LEDs and small rare earth magnets that connect button batteries, are used as a form of non-destructive graffiti and temporary public art;

Neodymium magnet toy;

Electric guitar pickup;

Micronumeric. Rare earth magnets are popular in micro game communities for their small size and relative strength, they can help to exchange weapons between models.
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