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Use of Magnetic Assemblies

When you go to use or handle your magnet assemblies, it's extremely important that you and your staff adhere to some strict safety protocols.

First, you need to wear both gloves and goggles. Gloves are important because they protect your skin from the cuts and abrasions that could otherwise occur if you mishandled the magnets or if the magnets shattered. Goggles protect your eyes from magnet shards and machining sparks.

 Second, you must never enter the assembly workspace if you have a pacemaker. This is because magnet assemblies can interfere with or damage any electronic devices. Entering an assembly space while using a pacemaker could prove deadly. Along those same lines, do your best to keep all electronics away from the magnets. In addition, if you plan on transporting your magnets, be aware that they could interfere with the navigation system or adhere themselves to magnetic surfaces. To avoid this, take measures to encase your assembly in an isolating container. 

Finally, if you have allergies to metal dust, you should be careful of inhalation. Wearing a protective mask will help deter inhalation of magnetic dust. If you or one of your employees suffers from a contact allergy, you will need to take further measures, such as using protective clothing, or staying out of the area altogether.
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